Steve Harvey Reunites Kings of Comedy

The Original Kings of Comedy was absolutely groundbreaking. Steve Harvey, D.L. Hughley, Cedric The Entertainer and Bernie Mac delivering raw comedy, sharing one stage sans having a competitive vibe, marked a moment in history that, honestly, we don’t refer back to often enough.

The film was classic, non-stop laughter from beginning to the end and it provided the perfect escape. These four fellas delivered jokes in their style and completely on their terms and if it were to be done today, we’d salute the move and tag it with #BlackBoyJoy.

Since the Original Kings of Comedy’s 2000 premiere, sadly we’ve lost the hilarious Bernie Mac but fill the void by watching re-runs of “The Bernie Mac Show” or quoting his lines from Ice Cube’s Friday and Player’s Club, and we’ve seen the careers of the D.L., Ced, and Steve soar to successful heights.

But leave it to Steve Harvey to get the squad back together and travel down memory lane with loads of laughs. In Monday’s episode of “The Steve Harvey Show”, audience members will experience a comedic reunion that hasn’t happened in eight years.

Check out a few clip teases below.

This moment in the film was totally improvised. Steve, D.L. and Cedric take a question from a man in the audience ….. who happens to be “Boogie” from the movie – complete with the original coat and sweater that he wore in The Original Kings of Comedy! Classic.

Here’s the original footage. *NSFW*

This reunion wouldn’t be right without highlighting the brilliance of Bernie Mac and his contributions to the art of comedy. Below, the fellows remember his legacy.

Catch the full episode on Nov.14. Check local listings for time and channel.