Eddie Long Faces the Scandal on ‘Steve Harvey’

In 2010, Bishop Eddie Long’s name topped media headlines. Back then, the Atlanta pastor wasn’t being praised for his ministry at the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, but rather for bringing attention to what was allegedly going on inside of the megachurch.

Long was accused of using his influence to coerce at least four teen boys into a sexual relationship with him. As the drama and controversy circulated, Long was hit with several lawsuits, which were later settled out of court. The whole ordeal rocked his entire world and threatened to crush his ministry.

At the height of the scandal, the state of Long’s popular church was at risk. In addition to the sexual misconduct allegations, Long’s “extravagant” lifestyle was also heavily scrutinized, according to a 2011 report by NewsOne.

Amid the accusations and swarming talk, Long maintained his innocence. Now, the man behind the drama opened up for the first time about the allegations, nearly losing his marriage, and contemplating suicide when things spiraled out of control.

In an intimate interview with Steve Harvey, Long faced a series of blunt questions–some of which he chose not to answer, citing legal reasons.

On Winning The Battle vs. The War:

Are The Allegations True?

Long also spoke about resilience which is a topic threaded in his latest book, “The Untold Story: A Story of Adversity, Pain and Resilience.”