Dude Pulls a ‘Kanye’, Shouts Out Kevin Gates

What in the world has gotten into folks!

During the People Choice Awards, Wednesday night, some random dude pulled the infamous “Kanye West” move and interrupted an acceptance speech from the hosts of “The Talk” daytime show to give a shout out to rapper Kevin Gates and give props to Yeezy.

A few questions linger: Um, who is dude? How did he manage to get past security and Mike Epps on stage?

Oh and Sheryl… I think you meant “Kanye” and not Steve Harvey. Whomp.

While the People Choice Awards (PCA) referred to the guy as “some weird dude”, if you notice he actually took the time to introduce himself as Zacari Nicasio.

He recently explained his reasoning to The Hollywood Reporter stating, “I had to shout out who I look up to: Kanye West and Kevin Gates. I came here to do this tonight. I could honestly care less about what was going to happen.”

Apparently the aspiring artist is making this his “thing” as he also crashed Kris Jenner’s 60th birthday party all to gain recognition.

Are these the heights people will go to in order get known in Hollywood? We don’t have the answer, Sway but it sure catches attention.