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Stacy Barthe Gets Deep


(*Photo: Hank Washington)

Singer and songwriter Stacy Barthe’s ultimate goal is for her music to be a place where folks can “find solitude in their life.” The Los Angeles native, who’s written hits for the likes of Rihanna, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, and Kelly Rowland, recently delved deeper into writing and creating music that is reflective of herself and her life.

Her latest project, BEComing, chronicles her life, emotions, and battles –content that presents a strong contrast to the pop tunes she’s created for other artists.

“When I’m writing for myself, I can be completely moved and give my all to the lyrics,” Barthe tells JET. “With other artists, I don’t really think about trying to get deep to make a record. With them, I’m just writing something that’s appealing and fun.”

By speaking about her inner struggles, Barthe brings listeners her authentic story. Having suffered through depression and surviving a suicide attempt in 2010, Barthe says her music has always been her way of healing.

“Response to my music [from fans] has been very real. I get a lot of  ‘Oh my god you’re speaking my life.’”

She feels that people can connect with her music because people deal with bouts of negativity and ill feelings more than society likes to acknowledge. “I feel like most humans are miserable to a certain degree, no one is completely happy. I’m just talking about the human condition and I feel like people can relate.”

Aside from the overall honesty and translucency of Barthe’s lyrics, another special element of her project comes from the production and sound of the album that Barthe created with a team that included John Legend and Common. Though she’s under the Motown Record brand, Barthe says she was allowed creative and artistic freedom when crafting the project.

“We didn’t have any ‘sound’ in particular we were going for. I’m very go-with-the-flow. If I wanted to give country vibes I would. If I wanted to make a dance record I could. I don’t see myself specifically as an R&B or Neo-Soul person. I don’t do labels. I just experiment and go with what feels right.”

Having previously worked with game-changing producers like Hit-Boy, Barthe is used to being around industry giants to produce some of the most popular records. Tracks from the album such as “Hey You There” and “War IV Love” prove that Barthe is versatile when it comes to genre and sound.

“I don’t play instruments, but I know how I want things to sound. I don’t put myself in a genre box, so I like to experiment with sound and texture.”

Barthe says a subsequent concert series and a tour in January 2016 may follow the album release, though she has not set definite plans.

“In all of it I’m going with the flow. I could care less about numbers and sales and all of that. I just want the music to touch people.”

While the album is a testament to Barthe’s experiences and breakthrough, she wants to make sure to acknowledge that not everyone has been able to find some of the peace and solace she’s been able to, and wants to make sure people really understood her goal with this current project.

“To those still battling, I say find a new way to live [and] find something to live for. What I know to be true is that the battle is in your mind. The moment you change your mind, you change your life. “

You can buy Stacy’s latest project, BEComing, on iTunes now, and keep up with breaking news and updates on her Twitter page, @StacyBarthe.