Spike Lee’s ‘Chiraq’ Will Be A Musical Comedy

Spike Lee’s film, Chiraq will now be a musical comedy, according to Screen Daily. The story, loosely based on the ancient Greek comedy Lysistrata, will center on a woman’s quest to end gang warfare in Chicago.

The project was originally reported to include Kanye West, but a rep for the “Touch the Sky” rapper said that isn’t the case.

“Contrary to published reports, Kanye West will not be starring in Chiraq,” said a spokesperson for West. “However, there are discussions for West’s possible involvement in the film’s soundtrack, schedule permitting.”

Samuel L. Jackson, Common and Jennifer Hudson have planned appearances in the production.

Lee found himself in the midst of controversy after announcing plans to make the film. When Spike announced the development of the film, several residents questioned his use of the term to describe their beloved city.

Many activists have tried to disassociate the city with it by crossing out the “raq” in Chiraq and replacing it with “town” on t-shirts and other apparel.

Now that the film seems a lot less controversial, will you be tuning in to Chiraq? Take our poll below.