Spike Lee Eyes Chicago Natives for ‘Chiraq’ Film

The state of Chicago is no secret and the term “Chiraq” has sadly become synonymous with the unapologetic violence that plagues the city’s streets.

The moniker, combining Chicago and the Iraq war zone, has spread across national headlines with its use popping up in songs and on news broadcast when discussing the overwhelming volatile activity taking place in the Windy City.

Sean “Diddy” Combs’s Revolt TV aired “Chicago Love,” a documentary that delved into the problems faced in the inner-city. CNN’s “Chicagoland” docu-series aired the struggle from various angles, including education.

Even with all the attention and nationwide discussion, the resolve remains in question. What can be done to put an end to it? Howcan we stop the violence?

“Chiraq” is not embraced with a smile. But the intrigue of getting inside of what’s happening continues to circulate.

The Wrap reports that Spike Lee is interested in the Chicago violence epidemic, and is working on a script to produce a film entitled Chiraq for Amazon Studios.

The difference? His approach is not documentary-style and his eyes are set on bringing in Chi-natives, such as Common, Kanye West, Jeremy Pivens and common collaborator, Samuel L. Jackson.

The plot line has yet to be revealed, but further details may begin to spill when the Oscar-nominated filmmaker participates in the Chicago International Movies and Music Festival on April 18.

With its loaded title, will you be on the lookout for this Spike Lee joint? Is it needed?