Spike Lee on Chance The Rapper’s ‘Chi-raq’ Criticism

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If you thought Chance The Rapper’s perspective of Chi-Raq being “exploitative and problematic” would be heard (read) without a response from Spike Lee, erase it NOW.

The filmmaker has been firing back at just about anyone who has something objective to say about the controversial movie.

Just check this clip from his visit to Windy City Live, where the conversation, criticism and defense elevated quite swiftly.

Following the release of the flick, which opened nationwide Dec. 4 to a range of reactions, the Chi-Town emcee, who has a lengthy past with the director, took to Twitter to air his opinions.

That’s just a taste.

Well, Lee sat down with MSNBC and laid a few things out, attacking the validity of artists’ comments.

“First of all, Chance the Rapper should say full disclosure: his father works for the mayor,” he said.

The cuts didn’t end there. Lee went on to challenge the rapper’s complaints against Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, which rounded out to…zero.

He continued, “He’s not criticized the mayor. Why? His father works for the mayor.”

Emanuel has been under fire with Chicagoans calling for his resignation as a response to the poor handling of the Laquan McDonald case.

However, Chance isn’t the only entertainer from the city, where it’s “easier to find a gun than a f—–g parking spot,” that has voiced his disappointment in the project.

Emerging rapper, Lil’ Bibby, shared similar thoughts, stating, “I don’t think it was smart of him to do it like that. I think he should make a real documentary …it’s some real crazy s–t going on that nobody really understands.”

Are there valid points being made on both sides?