Spike Lee Calls BS on Post-Racial America

Outspoken writer and director, Spike Lee gave Speaking with Fusion Host, Jorge Ramos a fine-tuned reality check during a recent discussion on race in America.

People would like to believe that having a Black president and the fact that people of all races have the liberty to eat and live in the same neighborhood, racism has reached a form of new age “post-racial” reality. That, as we have been visual or physical witness to, is not the case.

In Spike Lee’s opinion the idea of a post-racial America is “bulls—” and is something that all people deal with – including those considered to be in a higher class.

“There are times, even for me today, when it’s hard to catch a cab in New York City,” he tells Ramos. “You can’t just think I’m so successful that I’ve reached another realm. And I’m in a so-called post…”

Lee also addressed the mainstream criticisms of “acting white” if an African American is educated and speaks well, the tensions within police departments as well as “the war on Black men.”

Watch the full discussion below and let us know your thoughts on Spike Lee’s perspective in the comments: