Soulja Boy Talks ‘Officer Down,’ New Music, More caught up with Soulja Boy, whose latest movie, Officer Down, comes out on DVD on January 18. He chatted about his role, his plans for more acting, more music, developing new apps and life as an entrepreneur.

Tell me about Officer Down and the character that you play.

I play a character named Rudy in the movie and he’s like a drug dealer. That’s basically my role but it was fun. We did some of the movie in New Jersey and we did some of the movie in New York, and they had us shooting all night and all day. It was all good though.  The movie is called Officer Down and it’s going to be coming out on the 18th of this month (January). I feel like it’s good for me because I’m trying to get in more movies. It was a fun experience for me to try new and different things.

What do you want people to take from Officer Down?

I want people to get used to seeing me in movies and be like, Soulja Boy know how to act too. Hopefully, I can work my way up and gradually do more movies. Then I can do my music and then do another movie, then it’s like I can get to the point where I can star in my own movie. That’s what I want people to take away from this so I can build up my acting stats. This is a stepping-stone for me.

 Do you see yourself transitioning totally to acting and not doing music anymore?

No. I don’t ever see that I’m going to always do music.

Speaking of music, what are you working on?

Well right now, I just had my Loud project come out and ya’ll can go get that off of itunes. Right now I’m working on my new album. I’ve been in the studio with Lil’ Wayne. I’ve been working on something decent with Wayne. I got two songs coming out on his album called I’m Not A Human Being Part II, coming in February. Everybody go get Lil’ Wayne album its hard as f–k. Me and Wiz Khalifa been working on some records together. Then me and Chief Keef. A lot of artists been reaching out for me to do features on their albums . Then I’m probably going to finish my album and turn it around in the summer time. So that’s what I’m doing as far as music.

SR: I know one things that are apart of who you are is the digital age because the internet plays a large part in your success. So, that being said, are there what social media platforms are you checking for as a entrepreneur these days?

I’ve been trying to come out with my own app that’s kind of like Instagram but it’s like a whole different thing. Instagram blew up so fast. It came and in one year it took over. So right now I want to do two apps. I’m working on an app right now called Souljagram, I got it copyrighted, and I’m trying to release that app this year. The digital age is amazing, I love it; it gets me popping. If I’m doing a show I’m tweeting people that I’m at the show. I send a tweet out about whatever I want to promote. Its a lot of stuff you can do with it, I think the biggest thing right now in the digital age is mixtapes. It’s a beautiful thing especially if you know how to use it. And I’ve been using it since I was like 16, its just getting bigger and bigger.