Sony Leak: Is Kevin Hart Becoming Too Greedy?

Has the fame and success gone to Kevin Hart’s head?

We’d like to think of funny man Kevin Hart as a kind-hearted and genuine person who indeed knows how to handle and progress his business and image. But the email exchange he had with Sony Pictures Executives that recently leaked is painting a different picture.

One that describes the power mind behind Real Husbands of Hollywood, an uhmm hmm greedy “whore.” And that being typed by Sony studio executive, Clint Culpepper.

Say it ain’t so.

The way the email reads, it appears that Kevin felt he deserved more than $3 million to construct promotional tweets for a film he was apart of. Now, the promotional campaigns are nothing new when it comes to actors and new projects, it’s a package deal when creating buzz.

But three-mill to tweet? Whoa dere!

C’Mon, Kev, we applaud you for what you do, but don’t burn bridges with the greed.

Read the email exchange here.

Sony Pictures Entertainment was hit by hackers in late November.