Solange May Play Aaliyah in Biopic

Real or Rumor? 

There have been talks of an Aaliyah biopic for years and despite a plethora of potential suitors to play her being tossed around, we still have no real answer. Or do we?

Word on the street is that Solange, aka Beyonce’s little sister (don’t kill us, Solo) has been pegged to play the late singer in an upcoming movie about her life. According to, Solange auditioned for the role earlier this month and found out that she got the part this week.

No confirming or denying from Solo just yet, but it’s also being said that the project is going to be filmed by the same production company that did “Think Like a Man.”

So is Solange that somebody? (Real Aaliyah fans will catch that) Now I must admit, I’m a die-hard Aaliyah fan and a bit of a skeptic when it comes to anyone trying to portray her.

That said, I’m not crazy about Solange (reportedly) getting this role. I haven’t seen Solo do anything close to acting since “Johnson Family Vacation,” nor have I seen her with her hair laid like Babygirl’s enough times to even put me in the mind of Aaliyah. Maybe if I squint my eyes…*squints* Nope, still not feeling it. #NoShade

Well whether it’s true or not, it’s still worth talking about. What do you guys think? Can Solo pull off Aaliyah’s allure and side swept bang?

Or the real question is…How long do you think it’ll be before Timbaland and Missy or Aaliyah’s fam, comes and kills this rumor and shuts us all up? #RealTea

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  • Ree c

    Please her playing Aaliyah is the dumbest idea ever i would rather have saw Ciara but really neither one Why couldnt they find some unknown actress oh but i guess since shes Beyoncé lil sister this makes it all ok!

  • I've been a fan since 94! In My opinion yes she does look like Aaliyah, and IF she can drop her TX accent this could work. I mean damn Aaliyah was not a complicated person to have to be all that good of an actress to play. Timbaland need to sit down too, with that whole thing about being the Only reason why she was famous, Ni@#$ please She is the reason why you are famous! HER UNCLE GAVE YOU A BREAK COMING OUT OF DEAVANTE'S basement. I really hope we get more music from her. Keep in my mind not Once has Drake or Chris brown or ANYONE said they were trying to out do anyone SHE HAD PREVIOUSLY WORKED WITH, so where is the drama Hailing from?…..hmm mmm

  • kkyles

    Ha, well you are clearly not checking for Tim…Thank you for weighing in!

    • I'm mad he's going out like some bitter old man, but I really don't know why ppl are so upset, I mean ppl talked trash, protested even, about Jennifer Lopes Playing Selena; maybe its just how it is, but she shut them up regardless. I feel like releasing her music and making a movie is still better then having to debate her music then, and compare her now to other artist out today. Why not see her story how she weathered her personal problems and remained grounded? or Put New music out to give to all her fans as well as new potential fan….

      • Christopher

        Very well said.I remember knowing of Selena when she was alive cause i was in Elementary School when she passed,but i remembered when the movie came out and seeing it and saying to myself THE FAMILY HAD A MAJOR ROLE IN THE MAKING OF THIS FILM.That movie was so f'ning good it did well at box office AND dvd sales and Jennifer Lopez embodied Selena.I mean i felt like that was her on my damn tv screen okay! lol So Hopefully Aaliyah Family is very vocal on set giving Solange guidance.Again she is no Aaliyah but JLo was no Selena but damn near close.. 😀

  • kkyles

    Hmmm, well we see you are not going to be checking out this flick. Ha! Thanks for the comment!

  • Aaliyah

    Keisha Chante should play Aaliyah.

  • bree

    Sorry ppl but…Aaliyah wasn't all that great; voice was basic (no range) and dancing wasn't even as good as ciara. Solo can pull it off..maybe even be better…just saying

    • not even

      shut up.

  • Christopher

    Here is what i think.Aaliyah was one of a kind.A real gem.I have always said if done right a Aaliyah Bio-Pic would be dope.Especially so young people who may not have known who Aaliyah was and how much she changed Pop R&B game can realize that not only was she beautiful outside but she was SO beautiful inside which is what we are NOT seeing in recording artist today.Her family should play a MAJOR role in this movie because they new her best.We are fans of Aaliyah but that is her family and still will mourn the loss until they leave this earth.So portrail in the RIGHT WAY is very much needed.Whoever is making this movie obviously seen something in Solange to have her come back multiple times to audition for this role.I hope Solange realize that this is a very emotional portrail of a wonderful human being and she takes it VERY SERUOUSLY.I wouldn't have picked her personally but now its her job to prove herself and say i deserved this role because i can be a actress who embodies a quality to PORTRAY a individual.I'm rooting for her because the haters are gonna talk and stalk good game so she definately gonna need hater repellent.Make us (aaliyahs fans and family) and Babygirl proud cause she'll be watching.

  • therealslimshady

    This is just a rumor. There is no movie in development on Aaliyah at the moment and Solange Knowles has not been cast for the role.

  • Pretty wings

    I'm sorry but girl bye. Aaliyah most DEF had a vocal range, 3 octaves, 5 notes to be exact. And that was all achieved as a teen and very young adult. Her voice was improving with age and exhibited on every album. Furthermore, Ciara is the one who has no range. Her vocals are thin, wispy and horrific. No power nor range. If you don't know anything about music or vocals, you need not speak. Aaliyah was a soprano, arguably mezzo soprano. Her head voice was fantastic. Lastly, this is a rumor any damn way. The Haughtons do NOT want an Aaliyah movie as they have already stated numerous times. There will not be one. Oh and btw, Aaliyah was a very good dancer. Was a dance major in HS and picked up choreo very quickly and flowed. She had a natural grace and fluidity as a dancer. Ciara just pop, locks, drops it and throws in occasional grinding. Sit down.

  • Kidcupree

    Correction Aaliyah was a falsetto! Get it right 🙂

  • They should have Teyana Taylor play Aaliyah

    • Bee

      Teyona Taylor??? No no no. No pun intended Keyshia is the only choice to be made if you want viewers Not Teyona not Salonge NO please dont disrespect Aaliyah like that

  • Wtf I'm not watching the movie if they have Solange playing Aaliyah. They should have Keshia Chante'. Keshia looks like Aaliyah and can pulll off the role. Only because she is Beyonce's sister naahhh gurl. Aaliyah is my favorite singer of all time. Before any of this happens they need Aaliyah's family permission. Hopefully Keshia Chante' gets the role.

  • shanda

    the lil girl from disney Zendaya..looks sounds dances and is young enough to play Aaliyah..only real choice.

  • Phamusone

    Aaliyah should be played be the girl in the Tyler Perry movie temption…not beyonce sister….that girl is perfect trust me don't make that mistake…

  • Mark

    I thing the girl from BET "The Game" should play this role. She looks like Aaliyah. I saw twitter her @KatlynnSimone

  • danny

    Hell no keisha chante should do it that's like saying beyoncé better than aaliyah like hell she isn't aaliyah is a one of a kind leagend like whitney or micheal jackson

    • Bee

      I totally agree solange???? Why???? This is a horrible idea she looks NOTHING like Aaliyah AT ALL

  • Zoriah

    I would like to be aaliyah an I would try my best to act like her, I believe I look like her more then solange, please reconsider the choice you are making, I am her biggest fan. Just please someone see my comment an give me the chance, an people who are her fans also give me that chance. And I promise not to let you down my name is, Zoriah guitron you can look me up if you want. please get the word around for me to be aaliyah. Thank you very much

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