Solange May Play Aaliyah in Biopic

Real or Rumor? 

There have been talks of an Aaliyah biopic for years and despite a plethora of potential suitors to play her being tossed around, we still have no real answer. Or do we?

Word on the street is that Solange, aka Beyonce’s little sister (don’t kill us, Solo) has been pegged to play the late singer in an upcoming movie about her life. According to, Solange auditioned for the role earlier this month and found out that she got the part this week.

No confirming or denying from Solo just yet, but it’s also being said that the project is going to be filmed by the same production company that did “Think Like a Man.”

So is Solange that somebody? (Real Aaliyah fans will catch that) Now I must admit, I’m a die-hard Aaliyah fan and a bit of a skeptic when it comes to anyone trying to portray her.

That said, I’m not crazy about Solange (reportedly) getting this role. I haven’t seen Solo do anything close to acting since “Johnson Family Vacation,” nor have I seen her with her hair laid like Babygirl’s enough times to even put me in the mind of Aaliyah. Maybe if I squint my eyes…*squints* Nope, still not feeling it. #NoShade

Well whether it’s true or not, it’s still worth talking about. What do you guys think? Can Solo pull off Aaliyah’s allure and side swept bang?

Or the real question is…How long do you think it’ll be before Timbaland and Missy or Aaliyah’s fam, comes and kills this rumor and shuts us all up? #RealTea

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