Solange Knowles Becoming a Mrs.?!

The Knowles’ clan just may be adding another family member to the crew. And no, this time around it is not courtesy of Mathew Knowles.

Wedding bells are reportedly on the horizon for Solange and long-time boyfriend, video director Alan Ferguson.

Rumors have been circulating for quite some time that the couple were engaged, but we all know how hush-hush the family can be…you’ll know when they want you to know and not a confirmed moment sooner.

The scoop: Nuptials are said to be taking place on November 16 in New Orleans, not far from the where the singer lives with her son Julez. The ceremony is said to be an intimate one with family and friends.

Solange and her (maybe) hubby-to-be are an adorable couple and we wish them the best!

Check out a few images of their fly, below!

Solange, Alan and Julez.

Solange, Alan and Julez.