So What The Hell Happened With ‘Pitch’?

Pitch is officially a wrap at FOX, and we’re still trying to figure out what happened!

Last summer when Fox began airing promo for a new drama called Pitch about a young Black female baseball player who makes it to the major leagues, we were intrigued. The newest member of the San Diego Padres, Ginny Baker (Kylie Bunbury) had a lot to prove to herself, the world, and to her teammates. Though the entire notion of baseball bores us to absolute tears, the promos and the critics’ reviews showed that the new series had potential. Unfortunately, after a 10-episode run, the show never returned after its winter finale. Earlier this week it officially got the ax. So what on earth happened?

Unfortunately, nobody watched. When the series premiered on Thursday, September 22, 2016, it only drew about 1.1 million viewers. (In the world of TV ratings that is No Bueno.) The ratings were especially concerning since it was up against ABC’s TGIT and NBC’s Chicago franchise.

Though pilots are expected to get some of the highest ratings, the drop off for Pitch was huge, and unfortunately, the generic plot twists and predictable storylines didn’t help. There also seemed to be no cohesive storyline between the pilot and episode two which was odd. People who watch the first two episodes, therefore, probably never bothered to tune into episode three. We also don’t think the series was marketed as best as it could have been.

Relative newcomer Bunbury took to Instagram to post about the cancellation news saying, “I wasn’t ready to let go of Ginny, but more than anything I wasn’t ready to let go of my Pitch family- the cast, crew, creators and writers, thank you for the magic. MOST IMPORTANTLY!!!- Thank you to all of the fans who took the journey with us!”

It’s unfortunate this series didn’t work out, but Bunbury is a fantastic talent, so we’re sure we’ll be seeing her again soon.

We wonder if this would have happened if FOX stuck to their original broadcast date of early 2017. After all election season wore as all out. There was barely any time to think of new TV shows. Did you tune in to Pitch?