Snoop Dogg Slapped With Lawsuit

The foolishness continues.

Snoop Dogg has a thing for social media and it’s not your typical, “ooh look at what I’m doing, look at my fancy cars” blah, blah, blah…no, Uncle Snoop’s social media juice is for comical purposes and often offensive jokes.

Not too long ago, the LBC rapper went tweet-for-tweet with rap’s punchline, Iggy Azalea and now his joking and sarcasm may land him in the courtroom after he posted a picture of a male and mocked his alleged sexuality on Instagram with the caption: Who’s auntcle is this?


Apparently it was a no joke zone for the social media “victim” who goes by Mr. Booze because he hit the D-O-Double G with a lawsuit with claims that the post led to massive online abuse.

The funny: While Snoop mocked the man’s appearance, social media made an interesting physical comparison between the two.  And yeah, they do favor…

If this case heads to the courtroom, what are your guesses on the outcome?

Marlon Wayans recently won a lawsuit that was filed against him for the below tweet comparing a hired actor from his film Haunted House 2 to the animated character, Cleveland Brown. The judge decided that the tweet was part of Wayans improvisational creative process.


And then there was the Shaquille O’Neal incident during which he was blasted for mocking a disabled fan. He delivered an apology via phone to the fan and then sent out a tweet noting he did so. That case is still pending.

Do celebs need sensitivity training or do you think the jokes are all in intentional harmless fun?