Snoop Blasts Caitlin Jenner as “Science Project”

Oh, Uncle Snoop.  We go all the way back like the titular Gin and Juice in your hit.  Love your music.  Loved interviewing you when you morphed from a dog into a Lion a lil’ while back.

And I get that you have freedom of speech, but does a grown man who rocks ringlets better than most five-year-old girls at church service really need to call Caitlin Jenner, aka another human being, a “science project”? It’s not like Snoop isn’t flouting traditional gender norms his damn self.

Man, you should have left it at big ups to Akon.

News flash. @akon ✨ tune in to ggn for some real news.

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What do you think of Snoop’s post? Freedom of speech or just foul?