SNL Hosts Secret Auditions for Black Women

Credit: YouTube

Why the secrecy, Saturday Night Live?

Amid controversy that Black women aren’t “ready” to perform on SNL (here’s looking at you, Kenan Thompson), the longtime sketch comedy invited Black female comics to secret auditions at Groundlings Theatre in Los Angeles last week. (I guess my invitation got lost in the mail…)

According to The Washington Post, several funny Black women, including Azie Dungey of the comedy web series Ask a Slave; Bresha Webb of Love That Girl! and Gabrielle Dennis of The Game were asked to audition. YouTube star Simone Shepherd posted this Instagram picture with fellow SNL hopefuls:

Now, this is great and all, and I sincerely hope (at least) one of them makes it, but I can’t help wonder why the audition wasn’t open to the public? Surely there are more than 11 hilarious Black women in this country!