An SNL 40 Awkward Return …

The anticipation was high from the moment it was announced that Eddie Murphy would be making his Saturday Night Live appearance after 31 years.

Then, when he hit the SNL 40 red carpet, it was official.  Folks were going crazy waiting to see exactly what his return would look, feel and sound like.

And then…it happened.

And it was the most question-mark inspiring appearance during the entire 3.5 hour live production.

Did he want to be there?

In case you missed it Chris Rock hit the stage and delivered a nearly four-minute long introduction that further led us to believe that we would get a few classic character reprisals from Eddie.

Entertaining, of course, and well… you can experience it here:

Boom! Four-minute intro with a reported 72-seconds repetitive “Thank you.” No Buckwheat, no Gumby, no jokes, no impersonations, and not even a video montage of his time as part of the cast.

Wait a minute…whaaaa? I felt a little cheated.

Clearly, social media had a few thoughts on the moment, as well:

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