Sneak Peek: ‘Steve Harvey’ Tackles Race

Are we too sensitive when it comes to race? That’s the question Steve Harvey is asking on his daytime talk show Wednesday.

The host is leading an hour-long discussion on the subject to encourage dialogue among his audiences.

Deeming it a “Safe Space,” where people can speak openly without fear of judgement or backlash, the segment will include an array of people sharing their stories and a diverse panel of some of America’s brightest minds voicing their opinions.

Former South Carolina State Representative Bakari Sellers, legal analyst Sunny Hostin and others will take the stage to examine some current hot topics such as Donald Trump’s controversial immigration comments, tensions during President Barack Obama’s administration and Ahmed Mohamed‘s run-in with the police over a homemade clock he built.

Click here for local listings to join the conversation. Also, check out this sneak peek below before the episode airs today.