X-Men Producer John Palermo Dropping N-Bombs

So….JET wil be dealing with this cretin via Kyra Kyles’ Keeping it 140 column, but we are asking for a Monday moment of silence for the career of entertainment industry executive John Palermo who decided to call Kanye West a n*gger on his Facebook page.  The exact quote is:

“There goes the neighborhood!!!” the Los Angeles native reportedly opined, following news that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian bought a Bel-Air property. “It looks like a Poor Persian Palace, where’s Kris Jenner when you need her?! #MoneyCantBuyADumbN****Class”

We’re hoping he doesn’t try to blame this on hip-hop music, as is the predictable move of most bigots caught up in pop culture scandal these days.

But either way, we’re not having it…  He joins our list of Accidental Racists.

Stay tuned to my personal column for a more thorough treating of this classless and ignorant individual.