SMH: Juicy J’s Twerking Contest

JET finds some of the most ridiculous headlines and let’s you decide which is worse:


Okay, we know many of you turn up your nose and shake your heads at parents who let their little girls shake what they shouldn’t until marriage, but wait, what if it was in the name of “education”? Prepare yourself.

Rapper Juicy J tweeted that he’s looking for twerkers, but not just any, only the “best.” Here’s why:

“im giving out a 50k scholarships to the best chick that can twerk.”

As of now, there is no confirmation if this is real, but if so, I’m sure someone will be there to capture the ratchness on camera. That tweet followed this one:

Also, if you recall, Juicy announced a stripper-themed game so its players can unlock his new album “Stay Trippy,” which drops Aug. 27.

You were probably shaking your head after the first paragraph. So it’s your turn to decide which is worse.