‘Sleight’ Is The Black Superhero Flick You Have To See Before ‘Black Panther’

You don’t have to wait until Black Panther premieres next year to catch a Black superhero doing his thing, Sleight will hit theaters at the end of this month.

JD Dillard’s science-fiction film follows Bo (Jacob Latimore), a young street magician who is struggling to raise his younger sister Tina (A Wrinkle In Time‘s Storm Reid) on his own. During the day, he astounds audiences with his magic shows and at night; he finds himself dealing drugs for the volatile Angelo (Dulé Hill). However, the most compelling thing about Bo isn’t his double life; it’s the fact that something much more mystical than tricks is involved in his magic shows.

If Smart Guy grew up and met Black Panther, you would get Sleight’s, Bo. We won’t spoil exactly what’s happening here, but you should know that Bo’s powers have nothing to do with the mysteries of Marvel and much more to do with the technology in our modern world.

Dillard said he got the idea for the astounding film from his own experiences as a nerdy child. He said at a recent screening, “It’s very important for people to see movies like this, especially for this genre it really means a lot for people to come see it. People [need] to see this representation. So much of Bo is pulled from my childhood because I was the Black nerd that was building computers and tearing apart televisions to create things.”

While Sleight might not have the bells and whistles of the films from the DC Comics or Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s certainly more relatable, especially for young Black people who are still desperate to see representations of themselves on screen. Moreover, this genre-bending film in the same way as Jordan Peele’s Get Out has unleashed something, unlike anything we’ve ever seen onscreen. Therefore it can certainly help to usher in more amazing projects from Dillard and young Black directors like him.

Sleight hits theaters April 28, 2017.