‘Six Little McGhees’ Stars on Parenting & More

Josiah, Madison, Olivia, Issac, Rozonno Jr. and Elijah–the six little McGhees aren’t so little anymore!

This summer, Columbus, Ohio’s first set of sextuplets and stars of OWN’s popular docu-series celebrated their fourth birthdays.

The new season of Six Little McGhees premieres this Saturday, September 6 at 10 p.m. ET on OWN. JET caught up with parents Mia and Rozonno (Ro) McGhee to chat about parenting tips, keeping the spark alive and balancing a family business with six little ones.

JET: Congratulations on new season and the sextuplets’ 4th birthday, this has been a busy summer for you! What can fans expect to see this season?

Ro McGhee: It’s always a transition. There are new faces on the show this season. Our company has grown. And we’re looking at different ways of making money, little stuff like that.

Mia McGhee: With the kids, we try new adventures and you see a lot of their personalities emerging. They will tell you how they feel. It’s a lot, it’s new level of challenges we’re trying to figure out as first-time parents.

JET: What is it like raising sextuplets as first-time parents?

Mia: Exactly what you think. For me, it’s just a joy, it’s an honor, it’s a privilege. In spite of all the challenges, I just thank God for healthy, lively kids. You’re constantly pulled in six different directions, but we’re so happy they have their own personalities and they’re coming into their own. We’re happy they’re their own individuals. … There’s a lot of commitment, dedication and patience.

Ro: The girls are getting into makeup and the boys, they’re becoming a little more rough. But we enjoy every stage of their life, it’s certainly not easy.

JET: What is something you know now you wish you’d known then?

Mia: I would probably have to say for me, it doesn’t get easier. They become more independent and that presents other challenges.

JET: What advice do you have for other parents?

Ro: I think for a lot of fathers out there, they think it’s tough and it’s hard. But if they watch the show and see me do it, they’ll know they can do it, too. I went from zero to six kids, Mia is my sweetheart and we’re working it out. I think it’s important to realize that the father plays a major role in the marriage when they live there. To see how my kids look at me, I feel like I’m their biggest hero. The way they care for me and root for me, I’m so happy to be their father. I think it’s just a beauiful thing for a man to raise his children. Don’t give up, hang in there. You never know what God will bless you with. He may bless you with instant family like me.

JET: How do you manage working together and being married?

Ro: You have to know when to hold them and know when to fold them. Myself, I have a tendency of letting Mia do her thing. That tends to work. When we’re at home, all of that tends to switch over. We have six kids, so there’s no way to mix business with taking care of six babies–they demand all of our attention.

Mia: I just have to stay in my lane. We try to work it out, but collide at times. We’re growing our company, you’ll see in the new season, so it’s a 24-hour thing. This is my life–it’s just something you accept and learn how to cope with it. I try to set boundaries when I’m with my kids. They want my attention I have to give it to them. We take them to the office sometimes when we need to get some work done. We make it work.

JET: And how do you keep the spark alive when it comes to your marriage?

Ro: I like to surprise my wife because we’re always on the go. For my wife, she takes me to nice restaurant or vacation. For me, it’s the simplest things that make our marriage work–that passionate kiss and “I love you.” My wife has tendency of trying to boost up my self-esteem.

Mia: I affirm you, Ro. As far as me, it’s the same as having the commitment of a family business, we have flexibility. We can turn it off. I’ll make plans for me and Ro and have my mom stay for the weekend. I do know with being married this long (almost 15 years), it didn’t get this far by letting it coast. You have to direct it. There are times we have to get away and sometimes we get away with six kids.

Tune in to the Six Little McGhees this Saturday, September 6 at 10 p.m. ET on OWN.