Simone Biles Loves Her Body, That’s What Matters

We’ve been rooting and congratulating Olympic Gold Medalist, Simone Biles all year. The gymnast even graced the cover of EBONY’s annual Power 100 issue alongside Ava DuVernay, John Legend and Nas.

Her talent, tenacity, grace and poised persona is all the more reason to applaud her accomplishments as we witness her star rise to higher heights.

But, one thing that comes with the politics of notoriety, in this age of free-willy opinions is the crazy amount of social media trolls is just that: Trolls.

While enjoying her vacation in Belize, Biles shared a few photos on social media wearing a halter top and short shorts…you know the things girls wear when the temperature is right? Yeah, well, a few miserable folks decided to try and crash her fun by posting body-shaming and rude comments that took stabs at her athletic build.

Biles dismissed the hate in one simple tweet and went back to having a grand old time.

living in bathing suits >> ✨

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