Sidney Poitier To Receive BAFTA’s Highest Accolade

A pioneer in the world of Broadway and film, Sidney Poitier’s body of work exemplifies dreams flourishing and barriers breaking.

Having started his career doing stage performance on Broadway in the 1940s, by 1950, he expanded his skill by landing starring roles and credits in films such as No Way Out, Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner, To Sir With Love, and many more.

Poitier’s creative achievements and role in the civil rights movement has earned him worldwide praise and a list of awards including an honorary Oscar and the Cecil B. DeMille award in 1982. The most recent acknowledgement of his career is the BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) Fellowship, the organization’s highest accolade.

“A luminary of film whose outstanding talent in front of the camera, and important work in other fields, has made him one of the most important figures of his generation,” said BAFTA chief Amanda Berry. “His determination to pursue his dreams is an inspirational story for young people starting out in the industry today.”

In 2006, Poitier received the BAFTA lifetime achievement Britannia Award and has earned six BAFTA nominations throughout the years as “Best Foreign Actor” in a variety of films since 1958.

The groundbreaking thespian will receive his honor on February 14 during the BAFTA Film Awards.