Chris Brown Decries “Ignorant” Tweeters

Some folks have the idea of being “hard” or “about that life” misconstrued and Chris Brown took to social media to get ideologies together proper, but of course sprinkled with expletives here and there.

Over the weekend, Chris Breezy was performing at a San Jose club venue, when a fight broke out during “Loyal,” sending shots into the  crowd. Attendees were then escorted outside of the club where shots continued leaving 5 people wounded.

In the age of capturing everything on your mobile device, a few fans tweeted and shared videos of their experience and what the scene was like during the chaos.

Video of Brown, who was there with Karrueche, acknowledging the altercation and then dodging bullets and exiting the venue have gone viral. Since the incident one person decided to tweet and then delete, “Chris Brown running from gunshots. He’s a punk!”
Going the opposite of danger is the sensible thing to do, right?

Since when is it cool to chill while shots are being fired? There’s nothing honorable about that madness.  NSFW language to follow, so cover the babies’ eyes on this one….