Shonda Rhimes Snaps Back at NYT Writer

Don’t come for Shonda Rhimes and think she won’t clap back.

A New York Times writer recently caught a slice of Shonda’s wrath when she began her editorial labeling the content creator of popular shows Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and upcoming How to Get Away with Murder, an “Angry Black Woman.”

Here we go again!

Yes, we here at the JET, know you’re shaking your heads and are so tired of hearing the strong, independent and yes, even at times, vulnerable woman being called out as an “angry Black woman” – we are too.  The reality is that women, no matter their race, want to speak their piece and live their fabulously complicated lives.

Anger is not on the daily agenda so please, let’s chill with all of that.

Ms. Rhimes writes about tangled romance and power-suit wearing heroines from the emergency room to intensifying politics.  So, the anger referenced brings a blank stare to those who indulge in Shondaland and are counting the days that Thursday nights become filled with love, lust and scandal.

But anyway, for your amusement, I will share with you the lede that struck a chord with the creator of Shondaland:

“When Shonda Rhimes writes her autobiography, it should be called “How to Get Away with Being an Angry Black Woman.”  – Alessandra Stanley, New York Times Critic

Rhimes took to Twitter to voice her displeasure: