Shonda Rhimes’ New Series Is Not What You’ll Be Expecting

STILL STAR-CROSSED - ABC's "Still Star-Crossed" stars Wade Briggs as Benvolio, Lashana Lynch as Rosaline and Sterling Sulieman as Prince Escalus. (ABC/Ed Herrera)

Shonda Rhimes is ready to take us back in time with her new 16th-century set television series, Still Star-Crossed.

Based on the book by Melinda Taub, the series is set just after the events of Romeo and Juliet and follows the treachery, palace intrigue and ill-fated romances of the Montagues and Capulets in the wake of the young lovers’ tragic fate.

As usual, Rhimes is putting her own spin on things. The narrative for the show surrounds Rosaline (Lashana Lynch), Juliet’s cousin. Following the death of her parents, Rosaline is taken in by her aunt and uncle, Juliet’s parents Lady and Lord Capulet, and forced to work as a servant. She does her best to tolerate her aunt’s cruelty and focuses on finding a way to free herself of the humiliation. But, when she’s ordered to marry Benvolio (Wade Briggs), a Montague, all bets are off.

Many people expected to see Still Star-Crossed premiere this winter, but when that didn’t happen, ABC Entertainment President Channing Dungey had to clear some things up. At the Television Critics Association earlier this year, Dungey said, “It has taken us a little longer than we thought it would’ve taken us… I’ve seen the first three episodes, and the fourth one is coming my way soon. It has all of the great hallmarks of a Shondaland project, but it also is very epic in terms of its scope and scale, and we did not want to rush it into a place where we felt like it wasn’t ready.”

It looks like Shondaland is finally ready to present Still Star-Crossed to the public. The series will debut, Monday, May 29th at 10 PM ET on ABC. Will you be watching Shonda Rhimes’ latest series?

Check out the trailer below!