Shonda Rhimes & Dove Are Teaming Up!

Shonda Rhimes is not just inspiring women on the television screen; she has teamed up with Dove to empower women in real life.

The prolific writer, creator, and showrunner has teamed up with the popular skin care brand to give representation to women who don’t often see themselves depicted on screen. As the Creative Director at Dove’s new Real Beauty Productions company, Rhimes is showcasing real stories from real women that expand the definition of beauty.

With her acclaimed television shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away with Murder, Rhimes has been adamant about giving multifaceted women from various walks of life the opportunity to shine. In the new promo for Real Beauty Productions, the 47-year old producer says, “For too long the definition of beauty has been too narrow, and let’s face it, unreal.” She goes on to declare, “Together we’ll challenge unrealistic ideas of beauty, inspire women to be themselves and help all women and girls love the bodies they were born in. This feels important to me.”

You don’t have to be Kerry Washington or Viola Davis to get your story told. Dove and Shonda Rhimes want to hear from you. If you have a story that expands the definition of beauty, they would like for you to share it with them over at Your #RealBeauty story could potentially be featured in one of the company’s first films.

A partnership with Dove isn’t the only thing Shonda Rhimes has in the works right now. Her latest ABC show, Still Star-Crossed which is based on Romeo and Juliet, is set to hit the network before the end of the year.