Shonda Rhimes Calls Out Sony for ‘Racist’ Emails

Sony Pictures executives are feeling the heat after a slew of e-mails surfaced following the recent Sony hack that show their true feelings about Black people.

The e-mails reveal conversations between the company’s co-chairman Amy Pascal and producer Scott Rudin, sharing racist comments and ideologies about Kevin Hart and President Barack Obama.

In one exchange, Hart was referenced as a money “whore” while another “joked” about President Obama and what his favorite films might be…and you guessed it, Django Unchained and 12 Years A Slave were among the list.

Sure, the pair released an apology, expressing that the comments were “insensitive” and “inappropriate” but adding  that they weren’t reflections of the e-mailers.  ”

C’mon son! Had these emails not surfaced, would these execs be issuing these sorry sorries? Yeah, probably a negative.

Shonda Rhimes called out the BS in one sweet tweet:

And Kevin Hart got the execs together via his Instagram account:

#KnowYourselfWorth #HustleHart #MogulMindset

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I mean, really. How many more apologies can be issued this year?

Pascal and Rudin, this doesn’t fly, your views DO reflect who you are.  Work on that, instead of making excuses and seeking salvation from civil rights activists.

Sorry, not sorry.