Because Shirley Caesar and Liquor Don’t Mix …


It was the sermon that caught the attention of social media, causing it to instantly go viral and spark the #UNameitChallenge.

Since it’s virality and various remixes, Pastor Shirley Caesar has gone on to open a merchandise shop to further market the hashtag with a good cause behind it.

But, now there’s drama brewing.

FOX 6 News in Atlanta reports that the 2010 sermon that sparked the song and challenge is the center of an injunction filed by Pastor Caesar to have the video removed due to unauthorized use by DJ Suede of Gwinnett County.

The problem? Images of alcohol are included in DJ Suede’s video and we all know, liquor and Pastor Shirley don’t mix.

James Walker, Caesar’s lead attorney affirms that the images “violate the brand, image and name of a Christian pastor.” In addition, her legal team alleges the video is worth more than $5 million in losses.

Not only does the video misrepresent Shirley Caesar, it also knocked out a deal Caesar had in the works with Snoop Dogg. The two were working on an initiative that would have benefitted the hungry.

Following the breakout popularity of the #UNameItChallenge, Snoop released his authorized, clean version of the song which was sold on iTunes with the intent of informing people about how Pastor Caesar should be honored.

Judge Glenda Hatchett is working with Walker’s office to get the issue resolved.