Sherri Shepherd Surrogate Paying Child Support?

When 23-year-old Jessica Bartholomew signed on to become a surrogate for the then married Sherri Shepherd and Lamar ‘Sal’ Sally, she never imagined that her responsibilities would extend beyond getting pregnant for the couple.

However, it seems she is being made to go well beyond the call of duty. In an interview with Inside Edition, Bartholomew alleged that, in fact, she is being forced to pay child support for a child that is not even hers. Adding to her frustration is the lack of knowledge she had regarding Sherri filing for divorce and allegedly not wanting anything to do with the child.

The messiness that is Shepherd’s pending divorce to Sally, is documented public information. But for those unaware of the background, Sherri filed for divorce after discovering Sal’s plan to marry her, have a child, and then divorce her to receive child support.

The baby, born August 5, was conceived with Bartholomew’s egg and Sal’s sperm. Because the surrogate is listed on the birth certificate as a “non-custodial parent”, lawyers are going after her to take on partial responsibility for the child.

And where is Sally in all of this? Reportedly, threatening to sue Sherri for more money, charging the talk show host with abandoning the baby.

I can’t help to think about the well-being of the child when he is, one day able to read all of this online.

What do you make of this mess?  Is it fair for Bartholomew to be asked to pay anything for the baby?