Shemar Moore Cancels Kickstarter Campaign

Moore in the bounce back

By//Najja Parker

Shemar Moore may be good at raising his shirt to show off those sculpted abs, but his ability to raise money for his latest campaign is in question.

The “Criminal Minds” star signed on to Kickstarter, a crowd funding site, to raise $1.5 million for an independent romantic comedy called “The Bounce Back.”

When Moore only raised $250,000, he canceled the project.

He moved the campaign to another site called Indiegogo, which allows fundraisers to keep whatever they raise regardless of whether they reach their goals. Perhaps, he’s trying not to follow in Aaron McGruder’s footsteps who failed to raise enough funds on Kickstarter for his live action Uncle Ruckus project.

After Moore made the switch, he changed the goal to $500,000 and garnered an additional $10,000.

On the site, he describes his role in the film as a relationship guru and talks about his preference to use crowd funding as opposed to “dreaded financiers.”

He doesn’t show his abs in the promotion video this time around.  Maybe it’s a sign of a new marketing strategy.