Shady: Facebook vs the Shade Room Page

So…. The Shade Room was seemingly kicked off Facebook on Monday for allegedly violating Facebook standards. So what happens now?

The Shade room had more than 4.4 million likes when it was pulled down. And, the account was verified.  Shade Room Founder Angela Nwandu, 25, told Nieman Lab that she wasn’t aware of the actual reason for the takedown. In part, Nieman writes:

“Angie Nwandu — who made Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Media list this year — told me on Monday that she doesn’t know why Facebook took the page down. She doesn’t believe the action was spurred by one particular post: “I monitor the page frequently and nothing was posted that violated any rules to my knowledge,” she wrote in a DM. “We have been targeted on FB and have been receiving numerous reports over things that don’t violate the terms. The amount of reports have been excessive.”

The Shade Room posts on celebrities, trending topics and products. It started out as an Instagram account and migrated to other platforms. Now the “roommates” number around 7-million and it’s unclear who exactly made the report that led to the shutdown. Last year, SR was shut down on Instagram after a report was made alleging inappropriate content. Instagram returned the SR’s IG account after apologizing for taking down the wrong account.

Here’s the thing about Facebook jail though: anyone can nominate you for it and it is totally unclear who does the investigation or what they find and how they react once they find it. Some completely racist pages get reported and yet remain online. Meanwhile, individuals who post stories that spark intense discussions often find themselves reported for posting inappropriate content. At the same time, it’s not difficult to find FB pages of people discussing drugs or beating each other up or offering babies for sale. Sometimes police use the FB pages as proof of criminal wrongdoing or negligence when it comes to endangered children.

Facebook officials have not provided an official reason for the deletion of The Shade Room. However, inquiring minds really want to know…