Sevyn Streeter Blocked From Singing Anthem

Sevyn Streeter has an amazing voice. I mean the girl can blow and her melodies float in the air with power.

Tonight, millions of people could have heard her beautiful voice as they tuned in to watch the Philadelphia 76ers battle the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The “Don’t Kill The Fun” singer was scheduled to perform the National Anthem during the game, however, minutes before she was to hit the court, the Sixers organization stopped her because she was wearing a jersey that read “We Matter.”

Yep. The ironic thing is, denying her the right to fulfill her commitment to perform will bring more heat toward the organization. With social media being the go-to for everything – especially to document and share ill and discriminatory behavior – it was only right that Sevyn brought the issue to the Interwebs.

Her brief message below.

There’s a such thing as freedom of expression and it’s sad to see said “freedom” being denied all because some choose to turn a blind eye to the truth about race in America.

What an absolute shame.