Um, Serena Williams Doesn’t Need Photoshop

We all know tennis champ Serena Williams has a body people envy. After all, rappers write songs about her curves, and the rest of us go a little bit harder in the gym every time ‘Rena flashes across our screens.


Because Williams’ gorgeous physique is just straight up legendary, her fans cried foul when they noticed the athlete’s latest People Magazine spread made Williams look very different. 

Ironically, the heavily photoshopped image of Williams was featured in People’s annual “Most Beautiful People” issue. And while the 34-year-old certainly deserves the honor, her fans took the magazine to task for slimming Williams’ waist to appear much thinner.


Williams initially shared the altered image on Instagram, but quickly deleted it after fans questioned the magazine’s decision to edit her body. Williams reposted a new image of the un-retouched version, which was much more popular with her fans.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 3.06.10 PM


Our question: Why would anyone want to mess with perfection anyway?