Secret Nuptials: Beauty and Beaus

Credit: Thinkstock

Love in the entertainment industry appears to come just as the next gig, you conquer one opportunity and then you’re back in the audition circuit, working to get booked for the next.

We’ve seen disastrous breakups, hot makeups and then there are those who only allow you to speculate on their love lives – i.e. Jay Z and Beyoncé for years. And those who you wouldn’t even think had time to go on a date because all you see if their body of work-i.e. Kerry Washington and now-husband Nnmadi Asomugha.

So, what’s to keeping a relationship rock solid in the midst of Hollywood-fueled temptations? We don’t have the answers, but maybe a few pointers from these hot celebrity couples who offer inspiration.

The King and Queen of Social Speculation: Mr. and Mrs. Carter
Divorce rumors. Wedding vows renewed. This couple has had the media, fans and followers speculating and spilling tea since early 2000s. Bey became Jay’s official “Bonnie” in April 2004 and they’ve been rocking ever since. Clearly, the Carters are unbothered. Their love on and off stage is admirable. And damnit, that Blue Ivy is so cute!

Celebrities Attend The New Jersey Nets v New York Knicks Game - February 20, 2012


The takeaway: Move as a unit. Laugh at the spectators. Kill ’em with work ethic. And simply, enjoy life.

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