‘Scandal’s’ 100th Episode Is Going To Change Everything For Olivia & Fitz!

In happier days: Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope and Tony Goldwyn as President Fitzgerald Grant in 'Scandal.' (ABC Photo)

Scandal is about to get a massive, “what-if” themed event for its 100th episode, and it will change the course of Fitz and Olivia’s relationship.

On April 13th, “The Decision” will air, and Gladiators will return once more to Fitz and Olivia, the relationship that rippled through the first five seasons of the series. This episode is going to be especially trippy because it’s going back to the very beginning.

We all know that Olivia Pope, with the help of Fitz’s then-wife Mellie Grant and Fitz’s campaign manager, turned White House Chief Of Staff, Cyrus Beene fixed the election so that Fitz could take the Presidency. However, what if that never happened? What if the election was never rigged, and Fitz never became the President of the United States?!

It seems implausible to consider now, so many years down the line, but this is a Shonda Rhimes show, so she’s going for it. The official episode summary states, “With the ugly truth behind Frankie’s assassination revealed, a torn Olivia (Kerry Washington) wonders how different her life — and the country — would be if she, Mellie (Bellamy Young) and Cyrus (Jeff Perry) had never rigged Fitz’s (Tony Goldwyn) election.”

The cast of Scandal recently attended the PaleyFest conference and gave some small hints about what we can expect to see during “The Decision”, which apparently has a very “season one vibe.” Tony Goldwyn who plays Fitz said, “It also informs your understanding of all of us now when we get back to our ‘normal’ Scandal episodes.” To be honest, we doubt Olivia and Fitz are together in this alternative universe, Liv has always wanted the White House, and without it, we doubt Fitz has very much appeal to her.

~spoiler alert!

In Scandal’s current storyline, we’re just trying to figure out if Huck is going to survive those bullet wounds that Abby ordered. Are you excited about “The Decision?”

Scandal’s 100th episode airs April 13th at 9 PM ET on ABC.