A Scandal Tease or The Real Deal?

Word on the street is that the B613 crew may be adding a part two to the ‘Scandal’ premises.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the heir of Shondaland, Ms. Shonda Rhimes is “leaving the door open for a B613 spinoff.”

“I have like three versions of a B613 spinoff in my head that I obsess about constantly,” Rhimes told THR.

Annnd gasp!

When you think about it, as much grief as the tortuous black-ops organization brings to Olivia and the OPA squad, there is still much to learn about its origins. We were granted a clearer insight into Huck’s past and little knowledge about Jake’s induction. But how deep is the backstory? How much darkness can be brought to light?

Intriguing. Will Shonda bring her ideas to fruition and give B613 a green light?

“The last time I had three shows [Grey’s, Scandal and Private Practice] I created on the air at the same time, I promised myself I’d never do that again — so right now, I’m good.”

You can’t stop creativity though, so even with this statement, we’ll keep our fingers crossed!

In the meantime, Scandal returns to its Thursday night slot, January 29.