Scandal’s Mama Pope… Alive !?

Where is this season of Scandal really taking us?


I mean, it’s not even Thursday and already panic attacks are beginning over talk that Mama Pope is in fact not dead and will be making a return to the cycle of madness that is Washington D.C.

Judging from the previous episodes, it only gets more twisted and better from this point on as we approach the mid-season finale.

The last memory of Mama Pope, played by Khandi Alexander, was in the season 3 finale, when Fitz believed that she killed his eldest son, Jerry Jr.

Pope family members have so many sinister moves up their sleeves, there’s no telling when or where they will strike next.

Of course, the clever writer that is Shonda Rhimes will not release any details. The only tease we have for the political thrill is that the episode is scheduled to air November 20 and titled “Where the Sun Don’t Shine.”

Oh and another goody, Tony Goldwyn, b.k.a. President Fitzgerald Grant, will be directing the mysterious episode.


Can. Not. Wait.