‘Scandal’ Winter Break Return: ‘Run’

A whirlwind of illusions, an abduction, cold murder and a helluva lot of questions.

Shondaland put the audience’s collective breath on pause withThursday night’s return of Scandal.  The TV queen had us all gasping for air while trying to solve a mysterious puzzle.

Olivia is a captive. We don’t know where she is, nor the motive. Is this finally a situation that Olivia Pope can’t …dare I say it…handle?

(This link will give you the rundown of the mid-season finale.)

The episode opens with Jake on a bogus mission outside in his skivvies to find who took Liv.  Meanwhile, the kidnappers had his beloved beauty’s mouth taped shut right across the hall in her building. Crazy, right!

Now, the Pope is living straight rural style in an unknown location where she thought she had bonded with a hopeless prisoner who in fact turned out to be the mastermind behind her capture and captain of her fate.

Before that discovery, though, MacGyver-style shenanigans ensued with the underwire from her bra becoming a go-to tool in a failed attempts to escape.

The. Hell. Is. Really. Going. On?

As we here at the JET watched with scrunched faces and knitted brows, we knew that you all were in the same boat and would have hilarious commentary to add…so we rounded up your hilarium! (Yes, that is a word.)


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