TGIT: The ‘Scandal’ is Back On in January!

The intensity is on and the presidential race is not happening without some drama behind the scenes – we’re talking the season six premiere of Scandal folks.

The riveting political series is making its return in January and the fight for the White House has everyone on edge. In season five, Olivia teamed up with Mellie with intent to win her the presidency but, is Mellie now having second thoughts?

In the 30 second trailer, there’s a heated argument, Papa Pope, Jake, an Olivia breakdown,and an explosion. According to the teaser, the first 10 minutes are a must-watch.

Check out the trailer below:

In other Scandal news, this season will see 16 episodes as oppose the normal 22. The reason being that Shonda Rhimes has a clear vision of the story that she wants to tell and the way in which is best to tell it. Season five wasn’t a strong point for the series, but hopefully, the power of ‘Pope’ will be revived and eyeballs will be tuned in as it also appears that Scandal could be reaching its end.