Scandal Recap: “Get Out of Jail Free”

scandal season 5 recap

Even though Olivia Pope hasn’t been the dominating diva she used to be, last night’s episode of Scandal saw the return of some of her traits we’ve all been missing.

Not even halfway through the fifth season of Scandal and there’s still hope for Ms. Pope.

For most women, hearts and flowers and a romantic proposal from the man you love would earn that couple a walk down the aisle—but not if that woman is Olivia Pope, the man is the president of the United States and both are being threatened by the U.S government with jail time or impeachment.

In the latest episode of the TGIT drama, Olivia and Fitz are forced into a shotgun wedding situation so neither will have to testify about their forbidden affair.

At first, the proposal is presented as a casual arrangement instead of a promise for everlasting love, but Olivia isn’t having either option. Because in her eyes, her options are jail or jail.

Looks like our favorite fixer has taken Mellie’s advice that the White House is a prison that would make her feel numb and less than a real person as Olivia implies she can either be locked up or locked down.

And you can’t keep a good woman down, at least not for long.

It’s nice to see that Fitz going to his knees to propose marriage doesn’t bring Olivia to hers. Despite what the last few episodes have shown, it doesn’t look like Ms. Pope is interested in the happy ever after.

There’s no denying she does love Fitz and is willing to marry him so he doesn’t get impeached, but it was definitely her last resort. The real proposal the lady is interested in is the one from Papa Pope—which gets her out of the one from Fitz and both lovers off jail free.

Though she did say “yes” for a hot second but when it came time to actually marry the two, Olivia didn’t look like herself. She was wearing white, but not in the way we like and her facial expressions weren’t dominating but doubtful. The small taste of being a First Lady had Liv running for the tunnels.

So yes, Olivia was going to marry Fitz but only on her terms and only to save the man she loves. She didn’t want to give up her dreams but wanted to let Fitz keep his too and the sacrifice she made is going to impact everyone.

Olivia may not be back yet, but Papa Pope is so we know someone’s getting Poped soon.

Credit: Jessica Wenck


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