Scandal Returns: Top Three Moments, Twists

Ah yes, Scandal is back and wow, what an episode!

Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant are rekindling their lost love, Huck survived Quinn’s death threat and Mellie Grant is out in the cold. Last night’s Scandal didn’t disappoint.  Here are our three highlights of the evening.

We’d say “spoiler alert,” but we’re assuming true Gladiators stay caught up.

1. First Lady Olivia?

It’s not the first time that Fitz has tried to bring Olivia into the White House to replace his current First Lady, but it is the first time he served Mellie with divorce papers. Last season we saw Fitz kick Mellie out of the house after she had just become a state senator. After turning up for the swearing-in ceremony, Mellie thought things were all good between the two, but all of the nopes. Fitz shocks an unsuspecting Mellie with them papers and tells her there are so many qualities he despises about her, but our favorite was this bomb: “Your biggest accomplishment is smiling and waving.” Ouch. Go ahead and sign, girl.

2. Messy Mistress

Olivia gets outed as the President’s mistress again! This time, however, there’s no turning back. Sally Langston calls President Fitz out about his relationship with Miss Pope, even showing proof of her after hour-appearances at the White House.  The timing couldn’t be worse.  It was right after Olivia told Fitz they weren’t ready to go public. “If we’re broken going in we’re not getting out, not together, that’s reality Fitz,” Olivia insisted.  Well it’s too late now. Check out next week’s teaser to see Olivia attempting to hide from the public’s prying eyes. Not sure that’s going to work out for her.

3. Raging Royalty

Unlike Will and Kate’s fairy tale ending in real life, there are no true happy endings in Shondaland. Olivia’s first case of the season takes on a royal family and the First family all at the same time. When a visiting princess is assassinated on American soil, it reveals that “Olitz isn’t on the same page professionally or personally yet and it shows. Olivia fights for individual justice while the president’s priority is an entire country.  Will this will-they-or-won’t-they couple survive the season?  Is Mellie going to go back to eating fried chicken out of depression?  And what’s up with Huck? You can bet we’ll be watching to find out.

YOUR TURN: Welp, those are our top three moments for Scandal.  What did you think?  Was it a great first showing?  Do you think Olivia and Fitz will make it this time?

Credit: Jessica Wenck


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