‘Scandal’ Mid-Season Recap: Scandalous Moments

Shonda Rhimes knows how to keep you breathless and yelling ‘WTF, OH MY GOD’ at the screen.

Scandal‘s winter finale did not disappoint and Tony Goldwyn aka President Fitzgerald Grant did the damn thing on directing!

The scoop: Loyalty is tested and no one is safe. Rowan (Papa Pope), always ahead of the game is out for blood and marks his targets on “kill cards.” Jake’s discovers this, shares with OPA and is on the hunt for the puppet master.

Liv is in a war with her parents. She’s disgusted with Mama Pope and sends her to lock-up without so much a second thought. The moment that had everyone engrossed in Shondaland though was the Pope face-off between daddy and daughter. I believe we all stopped breathing for the entire scene. After the verbal killing that came in the form of depth monologues from both Liv and Rowan, a gun is pulled.

Liv, isn’t going to shoot her father…would she? Ya’ll she tried it. Cocked that sucker and shot a blank. The gun was empty and this set Papa Pope into a psychological rage. It was a test. It was all a test and Olivia Pope, failed. Miserably.

Meanwhile, Cyrus Beene’s love affair with prostitute Mike makes headlines and Cy threatens to resign. That is, until Liv talks him out of bowing out like a “Bitch Baby.” Andd, let that hashtag begin it’s social media circulation.

The drama, suspense was done straight Shonda style. Love triangles and killer secrets have been exposed.

Now, we wait. The season picks back up on January 29, 2015.

In the meantime, here are a few scandalous moments and phrases from Where The Sun Don’t Shine: 

Moment 1: Liv Popes Ma Dukes

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