Scandal Recap: “Yes”

Well, the title “Yes” of tonight’s Scandal episode proved to be pretty telling in the last seconds of the hour.

The second episode of Scandal’s Season 5 hit the ground running—and so did Olivia.

We’ve kind of seen this situation unfold before the last time Olivia was revealed to be the president’s supposed mistress, but everything got smoothed out with Mellie still in the White House and our favorite fixer still wearing the white hat.

It looked like things were going that way again, but you know Shondaland doesn’t take you on the same ride twice. Here are the top highlights of the night:

  1. Say What?!

Olivia started out on the run but ended standing strong and facing her fears head on. After being outed as the mistress, again, Olivia went into hiding/working a case with a semi-surprising assist from Jake. Don’t get too excited if you’re on Team Jake, there was only a fleeting moment of sitting together in the dark. Miss Pope worked a parallel case with a client also on the run, from murder, not his feelings, which turned out to be therapeutic for her. (Well, that and Jake’s arms.) Olivia told Jake she was really running from the shame she felt of being “the mistress.” But by the end of the episode she told her client, and apparently herself, not to run anymore. She walked through the mob of madness with the press surrounding her and a reporter asked: “Are you the president’s mistress?” And she says yes! However, in next week’s promo she seemingly admits that she made a mistake. Drama, drama….is it Thursday again yet?

  1. Huck Or Hulk

A reporter breaks into the OPA office asking whether Quinn and Huck knew about the affair with the president. Huck, who claims to be completely fixed after his murdering rampage, tries to “calmly” get him to leave (while clenching a pencil in his hand) but when the reporter presses on Hulk, I mean Huck, he starts to lose control. Luckily for the unknowing reporter, Quinn steps in to save his life/attack him herself. Grabbing him by the arm in a hold that promises to break it if he moves, Quinn gives the reporter an ultimatum: either she kicks his ass and he can tell everyone a girl beat him up, or she’ll give him to Huck and he’ll never tell anyone anything again. Badass Quinn is the best.

  1. Messing with Mellie-Doesn’t Work Out

It didn’t take long for Mellie to show up in the Oval office after the latest Olitz scandal trying to get an apology for the divorce papers he laid on her last week. Fitz may as well have spit in her face with his response. But after a pep talk from Abby, who in turn get her pep talk from Cyrus, Fitz gets in the mood to apologize and Mellie finds herself back in the White House looking really pleased she pulled one over on Liz.  Or did she?

Can you believe Olivia’s owning being a home-wrecker? Tell us in the comments below!

Credit: Jessica Wenck


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