Scandal Recap: When Olivia Was Olivia

When we first met Olivia Pope, she captivated millions of viewers when she delivered her signature line of “it’s handled.”

She’s never been the perfect role model even in the early seasons, but she has become hard to handle herself, and the personal battle between her romance with Fitz and the choice between her career is getting old.

Last week, Fitz was faced with an ultimatum from the senators over an issue that would ruin the legacy of his presidency. Instead of making the decision, he took a night off from the White House to go on a date with his mistress.

Even though in past seasons Fitz has declared he would give up being president to be with Olivia, he’s never really had to. But here we are in the fifth season and Olivia is making compromises for the relationship—yet she’s constantly doubting what she wants to do.

The fact that she wasn’t sacrificing herself for a man was one of Olivia’s more admirable traits.

In the latest episode of the TGIT drama, “You Got Served,” Olivia sat down for a one on one interview to detail her relationship with the president. When asked if she regrets getting involved with him, Olivia said she wished she’d never laid eyes on Fitz and if she could fall out of love with him, she would. She said she’s built a business that she’s very proud of and that could all go away because of the president.

Not a shocker.

In the real world there’s no way the show can get rid of Olivia Pope and Associates without severely minimizing the roles of Quinn and Huck, but it’s definitely more associates these days than it is Olivia Pope.

Seeing Olivia handle a new case was part of the appeal and one of the sure ways you were going to get your OMG fix for the night, but not lately.

The threat of impeachment for the president is still an issue, and now that Cyrus is back in the White House we can look forward to more drama. We still don’t know who burned down the Louvre and the Pope parents have to come back sooner or later.

We’re all still gladiators and will tune in every Thursday, but we miss when Olivia Pope was Olivia Pope.

Credit: Jessica Wenck

Credit: Jessica Wenck









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