‘Scandal’ Recap: No Sun on the Horizon

Following last night’s episode of Scandal, I sat on my couch for 45 minutes in pure shock, cradling myself. Leave it to Shonda to snatch the soul right out of you and leave it the closing credits. In case you missed it, here’s what went down:

“No Family. No Connections.”

From the opening scene, it’s clear that sweet, loyal, naïve Jake is long gone. Looking all wide-eye and crazy, Jake is finally giving us a taste of his dark side. As he sits in a dimly lit room rattling on to someone off-camera about what it really takes to make it in B613. He hasn’t had this job for a good two weeks and he’s already losing it. The weight of the free world is literally is shoulders and we see him transforming into Rowan right before our eyes.

“Thou Shalt Not Kill”

Jake isn’t the only one unraveling. Back at Sally’s home, we find the vice president/presidential candidate falling apart as well. She let the devil in and now Jesus isn’t talking to her. She’s always been one pickle short of a Big Mac, but all her talk about crispy piggies had me craving a bacon McDouble. Its obvious that the guilt is starting to weigh on her and it’s only a matter of time before it crushes her.

Sensing that Sally is falling apart at the seams, clueless Leo Bergin summons the one person he thinks can bring her back to her senses: Jesus’ homie and Sally’s trusted spiritual advisor, Reverend Dale. This does more harm than good. Sally concludes that confessing to Rev. Dale is not enough to get back into God’s good graces. No, she must publicly confess her sins and what better place to do it than the nationally televised presidential debate? Oh Sally. SMH

“They’re All Murderers”

Stuck with inadmissible evidence of Daniel Douglas’ murder, David Rosen enlists the help of Olivia Pope to bring Sally to justice. Olivia can’t believe that Cyrus would ever cover up a murder without calling her for help. So, what does she do? Run straight to the source and tells him she knows everything.

Instead of telling her what she truly wants to hear (that he didn’t do it), Cyrus simply tells her it’s handled. For the first time, we see Olivia fall apart in front of our eyes. But instead of crying, she begins laughing hysterically as it dawns on her that every member of the current political race is a murderer. After all the time they’ve spent attempting to give Fitz a clean slate to win, she realizes that with all of the blood on their hands, it could NEVER be clean.

“Save Me”

Liv runs home to Jake, clearly overwhelmed with the new information she’s received from David and Cyrus. Jake, being the awesome fake boyfriend he is, wants her to confide in him, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. She’s got burgers and cheese fries. Dinner time, Jake. You asked for it.

Simultaneously, the reality of his new position as Command is starting to weigh on him and he cant take the pressure. For a moment, the old loyal, naïve Jake is back and he begs Liv to run away with him. Together they can escape everything behind and escape the darkness. Then, Olivia breaks. “Take advantage of me Jake” she says as she runs into his arms. Well, so much for the cheese fries. What a waste!

“Where’s My Mission”

Meanwhile, back at B613 Acme Limited, Quinn is begging Jake to take her training wheels off and give her a mission. Never mind that Liv asked Jake to protect her. Liv doesn’t care about anyone but herself. Besides, she didn’t sign up to sell fake paper. She signed up to kill people. Oh, she’s so thirsty!!

After her cute little speech, Jake decides that maybe she’s right. He takes Quinn off of the desk and assigns her to a “real job.” Her mission: steal all the information Olivia Pope and Associates have about Daniel Douglas’ death. It’s still paper, but at least she gets to leave the desk. Beggars can’t be picky Quinn.

We also find that Jake has a bigger plan. He calls up his right hand in Command, Tom. The plan: If Sally even thinks about deviating from the script and confessing to murder during the debate, take her out. And since Jesus isn’t speaking to her right now you can almost guess how that’s going to play out.

“A Sign From God”

So Debate Day has arrived and I’m sure somebody’s gonna DIE. Sally, Fitz and Reston take the stage as Tom and his hired guns are posted in the rafters ready to take Sally down.
As her window of opportunity arrives, Sally prepares to confess her sins and tell the world she murdered her husband, but freezes up. Right before she can confess, Fitz throws her an Oliva Pope bone, says he’s proud of his indiscretions and Sally completely forgets about her confession and latches on for dear life. Literally. You get to live another day, Sally.

“Bang Bang”

After finding a bug planted in his office, Cyrus realizes that James is Publius. Just when you think another husband is about to be murdered, Cyrus does this weird, crying thing and apologizes. Shocker!

Mid-conversation James receives a text from David. He wants Publis to meet the reporter and NSA snitch so they can bring Sally down. But, after Cyrus’ heart warming, ”please don’t tell on me” speech, James has a change of heart. He meets with David and tells him he wants to back out, only to find that David isn’t the one who texted him.

Everyone looks confused, then “ POW,” the NSA agent and reporter goes down. And who’s holding the gun? JAKE!! Next thing you know, Jake has the barrel of the gun pointed at both James and David. Shots ring out and my TV fades to black.

Last week, Scandal promised us an OMG-moment in the last 30 seconds and boy, did it deliver! Now, who gets shot??!! James? David?? Guess we’ll find out next week Gladiators…

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