‘Scandal’ Recap: Shambles


The weaving webs and tangled plot lines in Scandal will keep you on edge. Everyone is unhappy and stressed out.

Papa Pope has not a single genuine bone in his being. The man is so twisted.

Fitz is still convinced that Jake murdered his son and put the paws on Jake later in the episode. Now, whether the brutal beating stemmed from him wanting to believe that Jake murdered his son or Jake taunting him about being with Olivia – that’s up for debate. Could very well be both.

But we know Jake, he’s no punk. While being held in interrogation, he escapes to his “happy place” – memories of him and Olivia on the island, “standing in the sun.” Temporary bliss.

Abby is on edge with the demands of her job at the White House and dealing with a drunk David Rosen blowing up her line. She and Liv may have had a breakthrough by the end. Will she become a Gladiator, again?

David is always obsessed over power and winning. Well, he’s gained a “win,” but can’t quite handle the nature of the cost. He’s mostly drunk due to  self-loathing throughout the episode. And rightfully so, during a conversation with Abby he asked: “Why is everybody trying to be Olivia Pope?”

Meanwhile, with Liv realizing her true feelings for Jake (actually referring to him as her boyfriend) she’s off focus when he doesn’t return her calls. Later, she receives harsh news about the cause of his whereabouts and her emotions are all over the place. Aww, poor Liv. These fools are breaking a girl down.

As far as the current case dealing with Liv’s friend, Catherine, and the murder of her daughter, Caitlin, Huck is distracted by visiting his ex-wife and a broken promise to see his son. So Quinn is pretty much on her own on this one and her purpose for being a Gladiator came to fruition. She’s ruthless and will stop at nothing to figure out and solve a case – even if it means becoming a skilled surgeon for five minutes and performing an autopsy to retrieve key evidence in their current OPA case.

Oh and we have to mention, after a light-bulb moment and heated discussion with Fitz regarding their son Jerry, the president tells Mellie their son was murdered. Previously, the first lady believed their son had fallen ill from a mysterious illness. But now she believes their son’s death had meaning and purpose, which gives her comfort.

But wait, ya’ll, Mellie stood in the mirror, took a look at herself, came out of the Uggs, dropped the robe and yes lawd, got in the…shower!

Here are some of the one-liner jabs from this week’s episode:

Livvy, whats wrong? You drank a whole bottle of cheap wine by yourself…
It’s not cheap, it’s just not…snobby.
– Olivia and Papa Pope
Liv’s got it bad.

What can I say today, baby? Today you get a two-fer: Drunk Mellie and Smelly Mellie – Mellie to Fitz

Mellie and her classic deliveries are priceless.

Until you can become the Mellie I recognize, we are done talking. Take your drink, chips, eat and be merry. Get the hell out my office and don’t ever mention my son to me again. – Fitz to Mellie

You lied to me. I told you the truth. What I’ve done, where I’ve been and you lied to me.– Huck to ex-wife Kim

Now why’d you have to go and do that, Kim? Don’t you just want to hug Huck? Lawd!

…That your boyfriend – I’m sorry your other boyfriend…killed the president’s son. – Cyrus to Olivia while making granting her a personal and confidential visit to update her on the whereabouts of Jake.

Cyrus always has a way with words and hitting the Pope with subtle shade.

Why are we all trying to be Olivia Pope? – David Rosen to Abby.

That moment you realize, NO ONE is as good as Queen Liv.

You seem like a really nice guy but your voice is really starting to get on my nerves so please stop talking. – Jake to interrogator Bill

...Like those two months I spent on the island screwing your girlfriend. – Jake to Fitz while in the Pentagon interrogation room.

Chained and all, Jake still held his own. Even if it meant the Pres plunging physical shots to his body. Either that’s love or Olivia’s “lovin'” is just that good and worth it. Whoa dere!

I’m asking the man that my friend WAS sleeping with what he did with the man that my friend is CURRENTLY sleeping with! – Abby to Fitz

We shall now deem you “#AbbyTurnUp”! #NoGamesPlayed

Yup, this episode pretty much sums up episode 5:

THIS tweet from Scott Foley – a.k.a. Jake has those of us on #TeamJake a little on the edge:


Stay tuned …next week gets real…