Scandal Recap: ‘Paris is Burning’

As much as we love to see Olivia Pope be the mother of all fixers, there’s never a better scandal than the ones surrounding the problem solver herself.

“Paris Is Burning” is the kind of Scandal episode that still has us talking today.

The third episode of the TGIT drama was full of all the scandalous moments we love!

Where to begin…

  1. Intruder Olivia

Abby starts the episode racing through the White House halls trying to break up the interview going on with Fitz and Mellie, who have no idea that the fake image of their perfect marriage has already been blown to bits. Just as Mellie starts to say “Olivia has been a dear friend,” Abby catches her in the lie and tells them there’s been an intruder in the White House, but there kind of was. News breaks that Olivia owned her mistress status with the president and Fitz couldn’t have looked more pleased.

  1. Mellie For President

Even if you’re on Team Olitz, you can’t deny that Mellie’s been thrown under the bus more than once. But this time she’s set on driving it right over the happy couple before they get their happy ending—AND she wants the Oval Office along the way. Get it girl! After being scorned for the last time, Mellie makes her list of demands. She wants Fitz to support her bid for president, Olivia is not allowed to move into the White House or make any public appearances with Fitz until after she wins the office. Last but not least, there will be no other Mrs. Grant, Olivia isn’t allowed to take on the name— and that one she wants in writing. Though Fitz puts up a fight at first, he caves to everything after following Olivia’s accommodating attitude. “A few campaign stops and a little discretion isn’t too much to ask,” she said.

  1. Ladies of Fitz

Any time Mellie goes on a rant it becomes one of the best and most quotable moments of the night—especially the ones with Olivia as the intended audience! That scene between Liv and Mellie (in the biggest closet ever) was dynamite! Mellie warns Liv that everything’s about Fitz now and gives her advice on how to survive the White House. She says it’s the hooch, lots and lots of hooch, aka her liquid gold. “This prison makes you feel numb. This drink makes you feel alive,” she said. Mellie’s honesty looked like it was giving Olivia second thoughts about the whole thing, especially since she called Jake and told him she had made a mistake. She tells Fitz she thinks he should take Mellie back and they’ll wait till his term is over to be together and asks him if he realizes everything she’s giving up for him? Uh, yeah we do—his name is Jake.

  1. Choose who?

By the end of the episode it looked like everything was going to work out for everyone—please, this is Scandal, remember?!  There’s no smooth sailing with this show, not after Cyrus worked his way back into the White House to be Mellie’s new right-hand man.  He plays Mellie into thinking she got burned by Fitz yet again and screws everything up. So this time it’s Olivia who must get thrown under the bus basically being called a slut who can’t help but seduce powerful men. As Fitz gets up to stop Abby from talking to the press, Olivia tells him to sit down and watch her choose him! (Flashback to Season 2 to the last time that happened.)

  1. Papa Pope’s back!

When Jake notices that the news isn’t reporting that the Louvre is burning, he goes to see Papa Pope of all people. Even though there’s still bad blood between the two B613 members, it looks like there’s a mutual understanding something big’s about to go down. And with both Pope parents locked up, who do you think’s causing trouble now?

We’re in for an epic season gladiators! Make sure you stick around for the ups and downs of Olitz, Mellie’s takeover and whatever’s going down with Papa Pope!

See you next week!

Credit: Jessica Wenck


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