‘Scandal’ Recap: Operation Assassination

Goons and Goblins.

Everyone is slowly but surely becoming exposed. Liv, Fitz and Jake have intense moments plotting on how to get rid of Command aka Rowan Pope.

In the midst of the fellas’ childish bickering, our man Jake, I mean, Captain Ballard, still finds time to serve major shade: “Excuse me, I’m talking to my girlfriend.”

He knows how to mess with Fitz, mentally. Then again, it’s not really all that hard considering Liv is his ultimate weakness. SMDH.

Moving on, OPA’s new client is that snake Elizabeth North who is getting closer to bringing down the White House and unveiling Cyrus’ sexcapades with Michael. But with all the dirt that ol’ Mikey has on Cy, he delivers none of the juicy goods to Elizabeth. Could it be he’s really feeling the President’s Chief of Staff?

Adding to the scheme of things, just when we think Mellie will find temporary bliss with the Vice President (the two had a “comforting” moment following a bomb explosion) Shonda throws in a twist and we learn that the VP is actually in sleeping cahoots with Elizabeth.

The mess.

Fused with all the side drama, the main focus is bring down Command. A plan is constructed and for a moment, we thought that Liv had actually “Poped” her pops. But uh… how could that ever be the case when Pops is always 10 steps ahead of the game?

In one of his most core-burning monologues, he lets on that he knew the about the plan to kill him and informs Liv that throughout everything he always tried to protect her.

His final message to Liv:
“I am who I am because of you.”
“For the first time in your life, you are on your own.”

Check out some of our top “LOLs” and favorite response moments via Social Media:

In response to: Plotting to kill Papa Pope. Jake, Liv, and Fitz

Good Point from @AwesomeLuvvie – Olivia wearing Black and White

Sipping Tea while Papa Pope puts on the “family caring act” on the phone with Liv

The Relapse: Fitz and Liv Kiss 🙁

Cyrus Exposed #Lifestyle

Huck Gets Liv Together

Knew I wasn’t the only one wondering what happened to the daughter Cy and James adopted. Haven’t seen or heard about that child all season. #SMH

The Decision: Ha!

The Nastiness and unexpected: VP is sleeping with Elizabeth North – The Snake
Errybody face like…

The Assassination – #Fail Liv Loses Round One:

The conclusion: Oooooh shhhhhhh

Rowan Pope has all of Shondaland like…

Next week, Scandal’s mid-season finale strikes and … the return of Mama Pope.
It’s. About. To Go. Down!